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Superconducting Particle Accelerator Forum of America


Welcome to the Superconducting Particle Accelerator Forum of the Americas (SPAFOA). The not-for-profit SPAFOA is an industrial forum that promotes the participation of U.S. industry in major Federally funded particle accelerator projects and develops the expertise within industry to apply this technology to the commercial marketplace. The forum provides a vehicle to integrate the resources of the U.S. industrial base into the research, development, manufacturing, construction and operation of major programs based on superconducting radio frequency (SCRF) accelerator technology. The forum's activities include:

Membership in the SPAFOA is open to industries, universities, and Government laboratory contractors interested in developing a strong industrial base in the U.S for this critical emerging technology. Please contact for details and a membership application.

2013 Capitol Hill Briefing: 

The forum held a successful Capitol Hill Briefing on Dec. 11. Fourteen member companies attended plus senior DOE executives, 2 members of Congress, OSTP, senior Congressional staffers, and other interested parties. Dr. Pat Dehmer, Acting Director, DOE Office of Science, gave an excellent update of the Office of Science present programs and future plans. Following Pat, Eric Colby briefed on the status of the accelerator stewardship program. Congressmen Foster and Holtgren provided a Congressional perspective on pending legislation impacting science funding and Adam Rosenburg, Staff Director, Energy Subcommittee, House Science and Technology Committee, provided a perspective from committee's viewpoint. Unfortunately, Congressman Lipinski's flight was delayed out of Chicago and he was unable to attend. Nigel Lockyer, Fermilab director, discussed future plans at the lab and Quentin Saulter provided a perspective on the application of advanced accelerator activities at DOD's Joint Project Office. Harry Weerts from ANL updated us on the ILC program. Six SPAFOA members presented short talks on issues and progress in the industry sector. Please click on AGENDA for the program. Individual PRESENTATIONS are accessible by clicking on the specific talks on the agenda.






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